Electric Dirt is: 

John Abbey - bass, vocals

Gerald Dowd - drums, vocals

Dave Nelson - guitars, vocals

Scott Stevenson - keys, vocals

*Honorary Dirter*

Scott Tipping - mandolin, vocals

We play a free show every

4th Monday of the month at

Simon's Taverna in Chicago, IL, 8:30-11p. â€‹More info HERE.

Electric Dirt is a 4-pc. dedicated to         playing the music of the late,      *GREAT* 


songwriter LEVON HELM.

From his ground-breaking work with The Band, to his Grammy-winning solo records, to the work he did with Bob Dylan + Neil Young among others, anything in which Levon had his hands is fair game.


g e r a l d   d o w d         DRUMMERSONGERSINGWRITER

We are proud to be involved in the latest edition of WFMU's Super Hits Of The Seventies, alongside great artists like Freedy Johnston, Mitch Easter, and Chris Collingwood, and produced by 'FMU deejay Michael Shelley. For sale only between March 5-20th, it's a fundraiser for a truly great radio station, and you can buy it here. Check out our version of "Don't Do It", recorded live at Kingsize Sound Labs in Chicago IL!