g e r a l d   d o w d         DRUMMERSONGERSINGWRITER


When The Water Was The Sky - Jonas Friddle. Drums/perc

Supersonic - Sonic45. Drums

Ghosts - Steve Dawson. Drums/perc/vocals

S/T - Soccer Trophy. Electronical drums

Fictional Lover - Aaron Mitchell.Drums/perc


Father's Day - Gerald Dowd.  Writer/producer/drums/vocals/guitar/harmonium/kazoo

What's The Diff - The Diff. Consultant, aide-de-camp to Russell Tommy

Meanwhile, I Love You - Emily Hurd. Drums

Solastalgia - Bystander. Drums, perc

S/T - JJ and the Daydrinkers. Drums/vocals

Tick In The Mane - Tisa Batchelder. Drums, perc

Getting There - Michele McGuire. Drums

Jug Band Happy Hour - Jonas Friddle. Drums/perc

Do You Feel Free? (single) - OTHERPEACE. Drums

Groove Atlantico - Stephen Jacques. Drums. perc


Space Cadet - Justin Roberts. Drums/perc/vox

EP - Man's Body. Drums

Horizon - 45 Souls. Drums

Daydream - Stephen Kohler. Drums

Lies I Tell Myself - Glenn Movish. Drums


A Set Of Steak Knives - Man's Body. Drums

Animal Communicator - Robin Bienemann. Perc

Undertaker's Songbook - Sons Of The Never Wrong. Drums


October - Dana Maragos.  Drums

Wild Life - Justin Roberts.  Drums/perc

​Nightshades - Emily Hurd.  Drums


Summer's Gone - Noah Gabriel.  Drums

Chicago Kids Play And Sing Hoagy - presented by Bucky Halker.  Drums

Roll On - Ernie Hendrickson.  Drums

16 - Robbie Fulks.  Drums

Somewhere There's Music - Robinlee Garber.  Drums

The Last Place To Go -- Jonas Friddle.  Drums

Landmark - Emily Hurd.  Drums


'You Don't Know' b/w 'Say You Will' (7") - Gerald Dowd.  Writer, drums, vocals, guitar
S/T -- Bransfield Strait.  Drums/perc

S/T -- On Big Shoulders.  Drums

River - 45 Souls.  Drums

True Stories - Larry Rossi.  Drums

​Let's Talk Awhile - Heidi Serwer.  Drums

Find Me EP -- Nicole Bloomsmith.  Drums

Lust For Samba (20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition) - Samba Bamba!  Drums


S/T -- Dana Maragos. Vocal

​Fire And Steam -- Simeon Peebler.  Drums

Song Of Sons -- Sons Of The Never Wrong.  Drums

Nothing Left But Wonder: The Bleakville Trilogy, Part 3 -- Paul Maich.  Drums/perc

​WFMU's Super Hits of The Seventies : Pure Dyn-O-Mite -- V/A.  Drums, vocals

S/T -- Tara Jane O'Neill.  Drums, vocals

Pick-A-Billy Circus -- Meld.  Drums, perc

Myths & Mortals -- New Zeitgeist.  Drums, perc 

S/T -- 45 Souls.  Drums 

Backbone - Emily Hurd.  Drums


The Dwindler -- Bob Kuhn.  Drums/vocals/perc

S/T -- Peter Joly.  Drums/perc

Carl Sandburg's Chicago Poems -- David Nagler & Friends.  Vocals

The Leland Bluebird Sessions -- V/A.  Drums/perc/music stand

Lemonade -- Justin Roberts.  Drums/perc/vocals

The House Of Happiness: The Bleakville Trilogy, Part 2 -- Paul Maich.  Drums/perc

We Are So Straight Ahead -- Brian Ohern and the Model Citizens Big Band.  Drums

Stop Time -- Lara Filip.  Drums/perc

Greatest Hits -- Justin Roberts.  Drums/perc/vocals

Blue Sky Up Ahead -- Karen Salmon.  Drums

Ben Schiltz & The Illinois Three -- Ben Schiltz.  Drums/perc

Under The Sun -- Rachel Drew & The Bitter Roots.  Drums

Good Shit, Vol. II -- V/A.  Drums/guitar/vocals


Don't Be Denied: The Bleakville Trilogy, Part 1 -- Paul Maich.  Drums/perc

Americana Wanna -- Meld.  Drums/perc

Shine Kid Shine -- Emily Hurd.  Drums

Fall -- Ross Freedman.  Drums

Awake -- Tracy Spuehler.  Drums/perc

Still Life With Drumming -- Bruce Roper.  Drums

Landmark -- Emily Hurd.  Drums


Home Now -- Gerald Dowd.  Writer/drums/vocals/acoustic guitar
​Hansel And Gretel (Cast Recording) -- Justin Roberts.  Drums/perc
Stranger (EP) -- Heidi Serwer.  Drums 

Dancing Through The Storm -- Amy Dixon-Kolar.  Drums/perc
Hymns Of Hope -- Carl King.  Drums


​Twin Knowledge -- Bevel.  Drums 
​Recess -- Justin Roberts.  Drums/perc/backing vocals 

If I Had My Way With Words -- Peter Newhall.  Drums

You're The One -- Marian McNair & Jim Fine.  Drums


Kingsize EP -- Gerald Dowd.  Writer/drums/vocals/acoustic guitar

Lullaby -- Justin Roberts.  Drums/perc/backing vocals
King Fisher King -- Sons Of The Never Wrong.  Drums/perc

Any Given Day -- Emily Hurd.  Drums

Pacific -- Bentham.  Drums
Miss Wisconsin -- Bentham.  Drums

Lowly Violet -- Kathy Greenholdt.  Drums/perc
Jungle Gym --  Justin Roberts.  Drums/vocals/hair clippers
Harm Among The Willows --  Jane Baxter Miller.  Drums/perc 
Taw -- Dave Ramont.  Drums/perc/vocals
Here I Am -- Heartsfield.  Drums

Happy -- Robbie Fulks.  Drums/perc/vocals/DJ scratching
Sea of Strangers -- Dave Sills.  Drums/perc

Tornadoes -- Michelle Anthony.  Drums/perc

Christmas Is Here -- Jen Zias.  Drums


50-Vc. Doberman -- Robbie Fulks.  Drums/vocals/perc
Pop Fly -- Justin Roberts.  Drums/perc/vocals/handclaps 
Perpetual Calendar -- Scott Stevenson.  Drums/perc/vocals
Lemonade -- Lily Schaffer.  Drums/perc
April Dreams -- Denise La Grassa.  Drums


Voicings -- Try Me Bicycle.  Drums
Bristlehead -- Mike Fredrickson.  Drums/vocals
Are You Ready For Some Big Band? -- Brian Ohern and the Model Citizens Big Band.  Drums
A Cache In The Warehouse Floor -- Emily Hurd.  Drums
You’re My Star -- Tracy Spuehler.  Drums/perc


Meltdown! --  Justin Roberts.  Drums
Phoenician Terrane -- Bevel.  Drums/perc  ​
Revenge! -- Robbie Fulks.  Drums/perc/vocals 

Wall to Wall Sessions -- Chris Mills.  Drums
New Debut -- Frisbie.  Drums/perc
Frozenstarpalace -- Michelle Anthony.   Drums/perc 
Poor Freddy's Almanac -- Mike Fredrickson.  Drums 
​Gather Up -- Peter Bradley Adams.  Drums

Touch My Heart: A Tribute to Johnny Paycheck -- V/A.  Drums 
For a Decade of Sin: 11 Years of Bloodshot Records -- V/A.  Drums
Woozy -- Dick Smith.  Drums/vocals
Georgia Hard -- Robbie Fulks.  Drums/perc
​Waiting Room -- Dave Sills.  Drums/perc

Sink Me -- The Green Fuse.  Drums/perc

Yesterday Is Gone -- Lisa Derosia & Lush Budgett.  Drums/perc/vocals 
For the Dead in Space, Vols. 2 & 3 -- V/A.  Drums/perc/marimba
​Black Cloud Talk -- Brian Deer.  Drums/perc/arranger
Drinking In Airports -- John Fournier.  Drums/perc/vocals 
Come Around -- My Record Player.  Drums 
Down the Puppet String, Marionettes [EP] -- Bevel.  Drums/perc
‘Til the Dawn -- Nora O'Connor.  Drums

Some Folks Need A Name -- Reyna Larson. Drums/perc

Silver Line -- Chris Mills.  Drums/perc/backing vocals
Batizado -- Scottinho.  Drums

If I Should Lose You -- Kara Kesselring. Drums/perc
Life of Regret -- Kelly Kessler and the Wichita Shut-Ins.  Drums/vocals  
City Life -- Manishevitz.  Drums

Universe Tonight -- The Twigs.  Drums/perc
Smoke Damage -- Dick Smith.  Drums/vocals 
Comfort for the Traveler -- Utah Carol.  Drums/perc  
Salt of Your Skin -- Kelly Kessler.  Drums/vocals 
Sometimes Nothing -- Dave Sills.  Drums/perc 

When We Were Lost -- The Lofty Pillars.  Drums/vocals
13 Hillbilly Giants -- Robbie Fulks.  Drums
Amsterdam -- The Lofty Pillars.  Drums  
Couples in Trouble -- Robbie Fulks.  Drums 
​Hotel Lives -- Simon Joyner.  Drums

S/T -- Michael Krassner.  Drums 
Scrawny -- Dave Ramont.  Drums
Swill -- Dick Smith.  Drums/perc 
​Kiss It Goodbye -- Chris Mills.  Drums    ​
Mabel Mabel -- Mabel Mabel.  Drums 

the late 1900s

Lust For Samba - Samba Bamba!  Drums

Say Hello To The Master Siege Control -- EXO.  Drums

Lush Budgett -- Lush Budgett.  Drums/perc
No Breath in the Bellows -- Pinetop Seven.  Drums  
Edges from the Postcard, Vol. 3 -- V/A.  Drums 

Breakfast At Epiphany’s -- John Fournier.  Drums/perc 
In Dust We Trust: Invisible Compilation -- V/A.  Perc ​
​Roll Your Soul All Over The Place -- John Fournier.  Drums/perc